Monday, 30 April 2012

Give away, from Me to you 2.

I had a give away over on Folksy to try and encourage more Twitter followers.
It worked out pretty well, i got my followers from 9 upto 79 which was a pretty good jump start. I could always do a few more so that i can try and get my ideas, and hopefully items out there more. So if your not a follower and you are a Tweeter here is where I twitter away.!/Love_Maisylee 
Only 6 entered in the end, (i did have photo to insert here, with the winners name being pulled out of the bag, but it seems i deleted it before i put it  on the p.c.) I was happy atleast some one entered, because i was a bit nervous no one would and i would of felt like a right Plonker.
I know the winner Aidencrafts was happy with her pin cushion choice, and the little extra pieces that i put in there too.                                  

Those who followed me, i followed too. I love that most of the people who come up on my Twitter  feed are fellow crafters. I love waking up and seeing lots of different  people linking to their blogs, their Etsy shop or their Folksy shop. I feel their excitment when they get a great order, or they make it to the front page of Folksy/Etsy, and when they make it to print i can't even begin to imagine how that feels.

I would love to have some more followers on my shiny new blog, so i can follow you and have you on my blog feed, but also because it looks a wee bit sad only having 3 followers lol.

So i decided to have another give away and hopefully it will encourage more followers to my blog too.
I will put your name in the cup cake of love, and the winner can choose anything from my shop, and i will ship it out to you.
These gorgeous little rubbers will be included too, i couldn't help myself when i saw these and i bought 2 packs, one for me and one for the give away.

This give away is open to anyone who would like to enter, you don't have to be crafty to enter, just click follow blog, and then leave a message on this page. If your already a follower and would like to enter, then just make a reply.

The closing date wil be May the 14th. Thankyou to any one who enters, and any one who follows.
Love and Luck Donna x x

Monday, 23 April 2012


Hello and welcome to my new Blog. :)

 I thought i would start off with a little bit of inspiration and who inspires me these days.
So remember when you were young and everyone you loved, or aspired to be like, or just had a mad crush on, was plastered all over your bedroom walls. Maybe your wardrobe was covered in stickers, posters, and music lyrics? Mine was fully of Madonna, and Kylie, and then it was Slayer and Metallica in my later teens.
  Well one day last week i had a migraine and couldn't concentrate on sewing or reading. So i decided to sort out part of the sewing cupboard. For some reason i thought that even at 37 there isn't any thing wrong with the inside of my sewing cupboard looking like the inside of a teenagers locker :)
I know I'm probably too old for it to look like this, but oh well, i bloody love it like! I will change it around each 1st of the month with a new photo, and change the calender and Flo's picture. (I think Cher maybe next month)

The photo is of my son, and most of my little nieces and nephews, or the little Sprogs as i like to call them. I love them all to bits, and miss them terribly living so far away from them. But i love it when they get to come and spend their summer Holiday with me in Devon.

When i make a lot of my items, they are what inspires me,  nearly everything i make i have one of them in mind, so at least  if it doesn't sell at least i know exactly who i will give it too. They are all unique, and so different from each other, and this helps when I'm making.

Behind these tins is another pic of Flo, and a photo of my other niece. Since i am always loosing something i decided that when I'm on the search i should have the people i love poking out at me smiling, so i have put photo's in drawers, behind files, and my storage boxes. It really is a great way to use photos, instead of them being in albums and only seeing them now and then.
The other side of the cupboard i haven't decided on what i will be doing with that yet. But i will show you a photo when i decorate it.

So if you were going to have your own little poster section, in a cupboard who would you choose?

Love and Carrot cake
~Donna~ x