Monday, 6 August 2012

All the fun of the fair.

So i am getting ready to do my first craft stall, and i am finding it all a bit daunting. I have been so nervous  that I wouldn't have enough items. So today i got every thing out of my box of goodies and i laid it all out. As you can see i probably shouldn't be worrying since there is quite a lot of things there. Yet i still feel i should try and make more.
I do wish i could show my items from a lovely chest of drawers, i think it would be the perfect way to show my items the way i really want too. But i know i will have a table, and I'm not sure how nice i will be able to make it look on the day. I have a few ideas which involve a washing line and pegs, so i'm off out tomorrow to see if i can find some old fashioned pegs, like the ones you would use to make Peg Dolls with.
 The beach hut Cushion front is actually for my friend Anna, it has been hand embroidered around her fav beach hut on the fabric, and well it still needs finishing, and  i will get that finished next week for certain, she has been waiting ages for her cushions and has been so patient. Sorry Anna. ;)
 I have tried to use all of the fabrics that i have already bought in the past, and keep my costs for this fair to a minimum. I do how ever need to buy some cushion inserts, and i bought some fabric on Sunday which i hope to make into in some pinny's since it's the one thing missing from the stall, but I'm not sure if i will get them made on time, I'm hoping to get the time fitted in some where after work. If not i am thinking of using the fabric as a table cloth.

I do love how it has all came together, and i am hoping people can see how much i love to do this. I have said in the past that i have an obsession with fabrics, and i think these photos kind of prove that out right lol.

 I would love for it to be a huge success, but i do understand it all counts on the day. So if any one would like to send me some good luck for Saturday and Sunday, since i am still unsure about what day i will be doing yet. I would be really grateful :)

Also i have a few Halloween items left over from last year, and i was wondering if it is to early in the year to display them, waht do you think? Any advice on this would be really helpful.   <3 

Love and Sunshine

Donna,  x


  1. Donna everything looks amazing! so so lovely, i'm sure your table will be beautiful at the weekend - how could it fail to be with such loveliness to display!

    your idea for a line with old fashioned clothes pegs sounds fantastic - i'm not sure where you would get them though... maybe ebay? or maybe Folksy or Etsy actually...

    can't wait to hear how you get on - will be sending good vibes your way! x

    1. Hope the sale went well. It all looks so pretty.

      Your stall must have been overflowing.

    2. Awe thanks, it went ok. I had a lovely day and my stall did look lovely, even if i say so myself :)