Saturday, 28 July 2012

A peek in the cupboard.

Remember when i started this new blog and i said i would post a photo of my inspiration door each month, and well i kind of didn't stick to it. So yesterday I finally got around to remembering to take a photo to share.
Well P!nk's looking very hot this month, well it is July after all. Flo is running bare foot in the garden, and the purple card is the reverse of my birthday card from my son Mikey, with my business card attached to it.

  I'm not sure what this cupboard says about me, a little mad maybe ? The Boofle mug box is full of little figures, which i get out when kids come to stay, they all seem to love them. That googly eyed Brass owl (insane looking thing i know) was My nanna Lee's, it makes me giggle every time i see it. Mainly because I often sit there wondering who the hell bought it her? Seriously, A brass owl with googly eyes, was that ever a good idea for a present, so my thoughts are that a child must of bought it her. Which in that case how cute is it. :)
You can see My Paige peeking out behind the back of the cupboard, who is now 13 years old and would probably give me a dead leg for sharing that pic of her (so no one tell her)
My little jar of stamps, I'm working on getting this collection up  at the moment i only have 5.
A new box of Crayola Crayons, not sure there is any other crayon as good. Is it weird i smell them?
 This is the were all my craft magazines are kept. The lovely little card on the bottom shelf was from my Friend Beth who is a wonderful artist. After taking the photo i decided my inspiration quotes needed to be rewritten neater, and on a nicer card too. The Quotes say " Dreams are the Seeds of Realities" And " No one is ever defeated until defeat has been accepted as a reality" The vase was a bad buy, so it stays in the cupboard most of the time with my knitting needles in it.


Now i will fess up, i was going to take the photo last night of the other side of the cupboard, but it was such a mess i decided to clean it up first lol, and then today i took a picture. The first 2 folders are full of plastic pouches with scrap fabrics inside them. The blue ones is full of patterns from magazines. Yes that is a Ninja Turtle :)

Here are some of my fabrics waiting to be used. I have some fabrics that i bought i few years ago, (not pictured) which were bad choices really, the quality is just a bit crap, but last night while cleaning it all out, i decided i am going to use it up and make some draw string bags. Which i will then use to put all my ready to be made up pre cut items.
The 2 frames were from charity shops, which i love to pick up when i see them because frames can be such an expense, these will be painted white, or pink, but i do need to buy some mounts. Wilkinsons usually have a good range of mounts and they are good qaulity for the price.
So there you go, the peek around my Sewing cupboard is over, i hope your all having a wonderful weekend.
I promise to try and take another photo in August my door, and share again.

Love and chocolate orange Viscounts.

Donna x

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  1. I don't think anything in this cupboard says you are mad....I believe it shows you are playful, creative and nostalgic. And yes, I agree there is no other crayon like Crayola -- and indeed, I loved the smell of them when they needed to get sharpened.

    Thanks for sharing Donna. XOXO