Tuesday, 3 April 2018

I sew, there fore I am.

I have been away from my sewing Machine for at least three years. A lot has been happening in life, so i really didn't have the time to sew, and when i did, my projects would mainly go unfinished.

Sadly i have become quite ill again, and i have had to leave work for the time being. (hoping no longer than 12 months but still so unsure)
I'm trying to remain positive and take care of myself both mentally and physically,.
 While being ill is not what i want, it has given me the time to start sewing again.
What i had not realised is how important sewing is towards my whole personality, It really makes me feel relaxed, happy, and it gives me confidence. Sewing, kind of makes me fell whole again.

Confidence was not what i was expecting to get from sewing, but at the moment while my body is limiting me, it is nice to be able to start and finish a project. I am intending to find, and finish all those unfinished projects.

One of the things i intend to do is, to stop buying New clothes for the next 18 months. After working in high street retail for 6 years, and then in charirty shop retail for a year. I noticed how much clothing is passed on but in really good condition. So I intend to buy my clothes only in Charity shops, and teach myself how to alter clothing.
 I have always been a bit nervous about altering clothes, since i have always found it easier to sew from scratch.

I have found my first project which is a lovely denim/linen shirt dress from Wallis. I'm not sure if i will embroider a design on it, or if i will just be adding some Ric-Rac to the sleeves, hem and pockets. I'm obviously hoping that i find some awesome pieces of clothing.

This was taken quite a few years ago now, and I was obviously in a buying pink fabric frenzy stage, of my sewing life.
I hope to be able to to get back to my machine more and more over the next few moths, i intend to just build up my skills again and see were it takes  me.
I would love to be able to sew again as a job, sitting down and doing something i love, and to be able to get paid for it would just be an amazing career.

love and luck
Maisy Lee

Sunday, 14 April 2013

A new hobby.

I have always loved the idea of revamping my furniture, but i was a little nervous about where to start.
So off I went to a local shop called honeysuckle home interiors and had a lovely chat with Sara the owner of the shop. She shared her knowledgeand love of painting furniture, and it made me more confident to give it a go. I love meeting people who are passionate about their work, and Sara certainly was, and she made me excited about about giving it a go. I bought some Autentico paint in Vanilla from her little shop, and started to paint.

I have done 3 pieces up to now, a bed side table which i did in Dec, a coffee table (which i have no photos of yet) and my most recent endeavour was to paint and paper a piece of furniture which was my tired old looking t.v unit. If only i had taken a before photo.
  There is a picture of the bedside table on Instagram, bedside table  sorry I have no idea if you can down load a pic from Instagram, but i can't seem to find that option lol. So i have had to link the picture, because i no longer have the phone the original pic was taken on.

I will say that this paint is amazing, if it can make my painting skills look good, then it has to be bloody amazing.
I am hunting charity shops, and markets for a chest of drawers to revamp next. I am in love with my new hobby, i am a little late on the whole recycle and revamp wagon, but i'm glad i finally got on it. The hubby on the other hand is a little nervous, since i am already asking for a house with a garden shed next time we move, so i can paint bigger pieces of furniture, painting in the kitchen is not ideal and I would love a huge space to revamp lots and lots of furniture.
The wallpaper was a Seconds roll from Laura Ashley which cost £6, i really didn't seem the point in using a full price roll since i was going to be cutting it up into pieces any way. But i never did find anything wrong with the paper so it was such a bargain, summer palace duck egg blue i love this paper and i am planning on buying it in Cerise to put away for when we move house next year.

I am still loving my sewing and I have so many ideas on that front, so many projects and so little time. I am also going to commit to 2 fairs this year, one in September and one in December. I am also planning on opening my folksy shop again in May, it seems silly to have an opening date but i think i will reopen on my birthday. 

I Hope every one is enjoying April, and hope fully the rain will stop soon, or maybe it has already stopped near you, andit can finalyy start to feel like Spring has sprung, and i can put my duffle coat away till next Winter.

Until next time
Love Maisy Lee.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Sneaks back into blog mode.

I have wanted to write an update on my blog for a while now. I keep getting lots of ideas through out the day of what i could write about, and then i am just to tired to sit at the computer and get on with it.
So my challenge from now on is too write my blog on my day off from work, or at least once a week.

Two weeks ago i became a Great Aunt, too a beautiful Set of Twins named Poppy and Olly.
They are the cutest little bundles of joy. I know i can't go home to see them at the moment so their little gift bundle has to be as cute and loved up as possible.
I love these little teddies from Laura Ashley, the photo doesn't do them justice really, so here is a link so can you see the cuteness in person. cute little teddy

They cost £12 each, and they are the softest little things, i may have to buy myself one, probably just to keep in the toy box i have for when the nieces and nephews come to stay, but i am finding i need one of those little softies in my life.
I added Poppy and Olly's name to the teddy tags with silver stickers i bought from Wilkinson's for £1. Such a bargain, i also personalised their cards this way too. But i had already put these in the envelope before i took a photo.
Our local Wilkinsons is starting to stock some lovely card making items, i hadn't even considered them for crafting items, so that is good news for me since it is only about 15 mins away from my home.

Speaking of photos, are you on Instagram? I am, and i love it. At the moment i am looking for more crafty people to follow, so if your on there maybe you could leave me a link and i will follow you. I love the fact you can just upload a photo and say nothing. As the saying goes "a picture is worth more than a thousand words"

Most of my photo's are of little corners of my home, like this little shelf above my sewing machine.
I haven't sewn much at all over the winter, but thats about to end since i just bought some lovely Pink gingham fabric, and some red gingham too. I'm thinking of making kitchen curtains with the pink and adding red gingham hearts along the bottom edge of the curtain. Those will have to wait until i finish a set of curtains and a cushion i am making for a friend. I think after my longer than expected lay off from sewing i am ready to get back at my machine and go sew go.

Until next time
Donna Marie  x x x

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Witchy goings on.

 So i have been missing on my blog, because i got a little down about creating for sale, (and it not selling) and i really couldn't write my blog with out it getting a little to dark and a little too deep. So i went on a little break from crafting, sorted through my thoughts, and doubts, and well here i am again back to my chatty self.

I do love Halloween, i think it comes from my childhood of watching "The Addams family" and "The Munsters" oh and don't forget the Goth years in my teens, were i stayed in most Friday evenings watching re-runs of Hammer horror and old 50's horror B movies. (geek)

To me Lily and Herman has to be the perfect Halloween costume. Look how happy they look in Dreaded bliss. I'm not sure my hubby would go for this, but one year i will get these out fits, just to wear while going shopping down Tescos, after all there has been a right load of nutters in my local Tesco's lately, so why not join them?

This month my Girls Halloween Tote bag was featured in the Folksy Spooky Halloween gift guide.
I was so happy when i saw my bag while i browsing the spooky goodies. There are lots of lovely things in the guide, and i was really excited to see my little bag next to every one else's lovely makes.

 I have a few Witchy makes in my folksy shop. Mainly because I love Halloween fabric more than any other fabric i buy and use.  It is either really bright, or quite dark, or the perfect combination of both, and it always has a fun element to it too. 

 This afternoon i received  some more Halloween fabric, i ordered from Fabric Inspirations. I did want to make an adult sized Tote bag with it originally, but since the bag i made last year  hasn't sold yet, i'm a bit nervous about making another tote bag and it not selling again. But i know it would be perfect as a bag. So i better get my thinking cap on, cushions, bags, or maybe a pinny? Who bloody knows because i don't know yet lol.

So I will try and not stay away from my blog for too long again, i am thinking of a give away. But not sure what yet, i was going to give away one of my Pink girly cushions, but not sure if that will limit who will join in. But i suppose we all have Nieces, daughters, friends children, or even our selves who would love a Pretty Pink cushion. thinking cap for the give away too.

Hope every one has an amazing October,
Love and spookiness

Donna x x

Thursday, 13 September 2012

A bundle of Bags.

 I am finally getting around to taking photos of all the bags i made for the Craft Fair last month, here are 3 of them, there are still about 8 more to take photos of which i will get round too next week some time. 

I absolutely love this Bird trail fabric from Clarke and Clarke, which i bought from my local Dunelm Mill. I love going there when I'm in the need for a quick fabric fix. I love ordering from on line, but the wait kills me, 1-5 days seems like 1-5 months. So to be able to go into a shop and buy fabric and come away with the fabric loveliness that day is so exciting. (yes my name is Donna and I'm addicted to Fabric) the buttons are from a lovely little fabric shop in Totnes, sadly i can't remember the name, I'm really so bad with remembering the names of places.

 This Paris fabric was bought on Fabric rehab last year i think, it had been in fabric cupboard for over 6 months for sure. I bought it when it was only £2 a fat Quarter in the sale section on there, there are a few in there now which i have my eye on too, but my next fabric purchase has to be Xmas fabrics. So no more sale fabrics at the moment.
 I use to love buying fabric by the fat quarter, but while getting ready for the fair i realised this is very bad business. You really don't get many girls bags from a fat quarter one in fact, and it can only make one cushion front. So from now on i will only be buying fabrics in whole meters. Fat quarters will only be for personal use from now on.

I have a plan for next month, i am going to take the plunge and go to 2 shops and see if they will take my cushions and bunting. Could i ask for some advice please, should i just go in and chat casually? Or should i make an appointment? Thank you for any help.

I love September, it smells divine, September and October are my Fave months of the year.
the best thing about this time of year is seeing all the Halloween decorations in the shops, i had a good look around Folksy and made a Hand made Halloween Pin board over on Pinterest. I will be adding to the spookiness I'm sure.

Love and September sun shine

Donna x x

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Back to blogging.

While lots of kids and parents are getting ready for the beginning of school term, i decided that my unplanned half term break from my blog and the internet should be over too, and today seems like a great day to start back at blogging.

In August i had 3 sets of family visitors and that was why my blog has been none existent. It's lovely living by the Sea, it means i get to see my family enjoy themselves while on holiday, but it also means that I don't get much p.c time at all, and i had to have a forced break from Folksy, blogging and the Internet in general. I was just to exhausted to make it over to the p.c.

So to update on the first craft fair. Sadly I didn't make a profit, in fact i only just covered my table cost, but lots and lots of business cards were taken, and getting your name out there is important when you trying to start from scratch.
I really enjoyed every moment of it, I met some lovely people, the fellow stall holders who i chatted away with all day were lovely. I had some great feed back from people, and learnt so much from the whole experience, like what to bring next time.
While making things for the fair, some thing just clicked about time and effort, and how to use the fabric as economically as possible, it seems making 2-3 items is just as easy as making 1 item. (While crafting for yourself as a hobby this is some thing you don't really think about. While trying to craft for profit really makes you think about all this.)
As you can see from my terrified face, i was a bit nervous lol. It is one thing selling online, but seeing customers face to face is another thing. I only had one rude person all day, and well it took all my strength not to call her out and tell her two choice words, one of those being off! 
But most people were lovely. Both my lovebot pin cushions sold, they went to good homes, but i do miss them, so i will have to go about making another one, maybe a girl lovebot this time.
I would love to do more fairs, but i am going to leave them until next year. I have lots of things i want to get finished this year for myself as well as for family and friends. So i am going to enjoy the rest of the year just plodding along at a relaxed pace, making when i feel like it, and then i plan on going all out next year for global fabric domination.

In between the visitors, and the fair i also had an order for 100 metres of bunting for a wedding. I qouted a price and then quickly realised OMG i have really under charged for the job, but i now know i won't be making that mistake again, so i took it as a learning curve. 
It was suppose to be made using  Hessian, but let me tell you working with Hessian is a nightmare, you take the time to measure and pin it, you then pick it up to take to the machine and half the flags fall off, it smells funny, and it frays so so badly, it gets every where. So i decided to make it using Linen instead and then attached Hessian heart to the flags. I wish i had taken a better photo, but i realised i hadn't taken one while in the car on the way to deliver it. It was so lovely and the photo really doesn't show how lovely it was.   

I also just treated myself to 11 metres of Laura Ashley fabric, i am going to make some new living room curtains and some matching cushions too. It's called "Lori" and comes in this lovely blue and also in red, i can't seem to find a better picture of it than this online. But i will post photos of the finished curtains and cushions when I'm done. I got the blue colour, and it was a seconds so it was only £6 a metre, so a bargain to boot as well.

You would not even believe that i sewed at all if you could see how dodgy my living room curtains look, but to be fair i did sew them 5 years ago, and my work was slightly a little worse back then. So i can't wait to get stuck into making them, but i will have to wait since i have 3 other things that need finishing first. I can see this fabric being here a long time at this rate.

I hope you have all had lovely summer, it seems like it has gone by so quickly, it will soon be time for hot cocoa, and snuggles under blankets with hot water bottles, but lets hope that the Indian summer they always talk about really does happen this year.

Love and Lori

Donna x

Monday, 6 August 2012

All the fun of the fair.

So i am getting ready to do my first craft stall, and i am finding it all a bit daunting. I have been so nervous  that I wouldn't have enough items. So today i got every thing out of my box of goodies and i laid it all out. As you can see i probably shouldn't be worrying since there is quite a lot of things there. Yet i still feel i should try and make more.
I do wish i could show my items from a lovely chest of drawers, i think it would be the perfect way to show my items the way i really want too. But i know i will have a table, and I'm not sure how nice i will be able to make it look on the day. I have a few ideas which involve a washing line and pegs, so i'm off out tomorrow to see if i can find some old fashioned pegs, like the ones you would use to make Peg Dolls with.
 The beach hut Cushion front is actually for my friend Anna, it has been hand embroidered around her fav beach hut on the fabric, and well it still needs finishing, and  i will get that finished next week for certain, she has been waiting ages for her cushions and has been so patient. Sorry Anna. ;)
 I have tried to use all of the fabrics that i have already bought in the past, and keep my costs for this fair to a minimum. I do how ever need to buy some cushion inserts, and i bought some fabric on Sunday which i hope to make into in some pinny's since it's the one thing missing from the stall, but I'm not sure if i will get them made on time, I'm hoping to get the time fitted in some where after work. If not i am thinking of using the fabric as a table cloth.

I do love how it has all came together, and i am hoping people can see how much i love to do this. I have said in the past that i have an obsession with fabrics, and i think these photos kind of prove that out right lol.

 I would love for it to be a huge success, but i do understand it all counts on the day. So if any one would like to send me some good luck for Saturday and Sunday, since i am still unsure about what day i will be doing yet. I would be really grateful :)

Also i have a few Halloween items left over from last year, and i was wondering if it is to early in the year to display them, waht do you think? Any advice on this would be really helpful.   <3 

Love and Sunshine

Donna,  x