Thursday, 13 September 2012

A bundle of Bags.

 I am finally getting around to taking photos of all the bags i made for the Craft Fair last month, here are 3 of them, there are still about 8 more to take photos of which i will get round too next week some time. 

I absolutely love this Bird trail fabric from Clarke and Clarke, which i bought from my local Dunelm Mill. I love going there when I'm in the need for a quick fabric fix. I love ordering from on line, but the wait kills me, 1-5 days seems like 1-5 months. So to be able to go into a shop and buy fabric and come away with the fabric loveliness that day is so exciting. (yes my name is Donna and I'm addicted to Fabric) the buttons are from a lovely little fabric shop in Totnes, sadly i can't remember the name, I'm really so bad with remembering the names of places.

 This Paris fabric was bought on Fabric rehab last year i think, it had been in fabric cupboard for over 6 months for sure. I bought it when it was only £2 a fat Quarter in the sale section on there, there are a few in there now which i have my eye on too, but my next fabric purchase has to be Xmas fabrics. So no more sale fabrics at the moment.
 I use to love buying fabric by the fat quarter, but while getting ready for the fair i realised this is very bad business. You really don't get many girls bags from a fat quarter one in fact, and it can only make one cushion front. So from now on i will only be buying fabrics in whole meters. Fat quarters will only be for personal use from now on.

I have a plan for next month, i am going to take the plunge and go to 2 shops and see if they will take my cushions and bunting. Could i ask for some advice please, should i just go in and chat casually? Or should i make an appointment? Thank you for any help.

I love September, it smells divine, September and October are my Fave months of the year.
the best thing about this time of year is seeing all the Halloween decorations in the shops, i had a good look around Folksy and made a Hand made Halloween Pin board over on Pinterest. I will be adding to the spookiness I'm sure.

Love and September sun shine

Donna x x


  1. Well done you on setting yourself a challenge. Just go for it. Don't pop in on a weekend and try to pick a time when the shops are quiet. If they get busy whilst you're chatting leave a business card and say you'll pop ack in later or a few days later. Make sure you're talking to someone who can make the decision on whether to stock or not. I wouldn't call - if you call in then it's harder from them to say no, and you can actually show them your wares to get them interested. But most of all, if they say thanks but no thanks remember not to take it personally - there's always the next one. I'm sure it'll be fine and you'll be glad you did it. Good luck. Look forward to you posting about your success next week!

  2. Love your Paris bag. I would like a dress made from that!
    crow cottage