Thursday, 11 October 2012

Witchy goings on.

 So i have been missing on my blog, because i got a little down about creating for sale, (and it not selling) and i really couldn't write my blog with out it getting a little to dark and a little too deep. So i went on a little break from crafting, sorted through my thoughts, and doubts, and well here i am again back to my chatty self.

I do love Halloween, i think it comes from my childhood of watching "The Addams family" and "The Munsters" oh and don't forget the Goth years in my teens, were i stayed in most Friday evenings watching re-runs of Hammer horror and old 50's horror B movies. (geek)

To me Lily and Herman has to be the perfect Halloween costume. Look how happy they look in Dreaded bliss. I'm not sure my hubby would go for this, but one year i will get these out fits, just to wear while going shopping down Tescos, after all there has been a right load of nutters in my local Tesco's lately, so why not join them?

This month my Girls Halloween Tote bag was featured in the Folksy Spooky Halloween gift guide.
I was so happy when i saw my bag while i browsing the spooky goodies. There are lots of lovely things in the guide, and i was really excited to see my little bag next to every one else's lovely makes.

 I have a few Witchy makes in my folksy shop. Mainly because I love Halloween fabric more than any other fabric i buy and use.  It is either really bright, or quite dark, or the perfect combination of both, and it always has a fun element to it too. 

 This afternoon i received  some more Halloween fabric, i ordered from Fabric Inspirations. I did want to make an adult sized Tote bag with it originally, but since the bag i made last year  hasn't sold yet, i'm a bit nervous about making another tote bag and it not selling again. But i know it would be perfect as a bag. So i better get my thinking cap on, cushions, bags, or maybe a pinny? Who bloody knows because i don't know yet lol.

So I will try and not stay away from my blog for too long again, i am thinking of a give away. But not sure what yet, i was going to give away one of my Pink girly cushions, but not sure if that will limit who will join in. But i suppose we all have Nieces, daughters, friends children, or even our selves who would love a Pretty Pink cushion. thinking cap for the give away too.

Hope every one has an amazing October,
Love and spookiness

Donna x x


  1. I love your skull fabric bag. I had a few skull fabric scraps recently and cut out one of the skulls to embellish with buttons and sparkles to wear as a brooch. There really are lots of lovely spooky fabrics about at the moment. Shaz x

  2. I loved The Addams Family and The Munsters too :-) Also love your witchy bag. And well done for being featured by Folksy's Gift Guide :-)