Monday, 11 March 2013

Sneaks back into blog mode.

I have wanted to write an update on my blog for a while now. I keep getting lots of ideas through out the day of what i could write about, and then i am just to tired to sit at the computer and get on with it.
So my challenge from now on is too write my blog on my day off from work, or at least once a week.

Two weeks ago i became a Great Aunt, too a beautiful Set of Twins named Poppy and Olly.
They are the cutest little bundles of joy. I know i can't go home to see them at the moment so their little gift bundle has to be as cute and loved up as possible.
I love these little teddies from Laura Ashley, the photo doesn't do them justice really, so here is a link so can you see the cuteness in person. cute little teddy

They cost £12 each, and they are the softest little things, i may have to buy myself one, probably just to keep in the toy box i have for when the nieces and nephews come to stay, but i am finding i need one of those little softies in my life.
I added Poppy and Olly's name to the teddy tags with silver stickers i bought from Wilkinson's for £1. Such a bargain, i also personalised their cards this way too. But i had already put these in the envelope before i took a photo.
Our local Wilkinsons is starting to stock some lovely card making items, i hadn't even considered them for crafting items, so that is good news for me since it is only about 15 mins away from my home.

Speaking of photos, are you on Instagram? I am, and i love it. At the moment i am looking for more crafty people to follow, so if your on there maybe you could leave me a link and i will follow you. I love the fact you can just upload a photo and say nothing. As the saying goes "a picture is worth more than a thousand words"

Most of my photo's are of little corners of my home, like this little shelf above my sewing machine.
I haven't sewn much at all over the winter, but thats about to end since i just bought some lovely Pink gingham fabric, and some red gingham too. I'm thinking of making kitchen curtains with the pink and adding red gingham hearts along the bottom edge of the curtain. Those will have to wait until i finish a set of curtains and a cushion i am making for a friend. I think after my longer than expected lay off from sewing i am ready to get back at my machine and go sew go.

Until next time
Donna Marie  x x x

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