Sunday, 8 July 2012

Struggles with confidence.

I know we all have those times when our confidence wanes. If your a woman it's usually 3 days before your period starts and you seriously want to cry because your bloated, you feel fat, you have such a bitch mood and your scared if any one says "hello wrong" because you may kick ass. But your trying to remain calm and breathe deep, while the world around you has no idea whats going through your head, because if they did they would think your a wee bit nutty.

Well I had such a wobble of confidence this week just around that day, I thought right that's it never again, I'm not sewing to sell any more. I know, no one will ever buy any thing from me ever again, (i know a bit dramatic) I'm also not feeling too good, like I'm coming down with some thing but I'm not sure what, and chocolate is the only food i can seem to eat with out feeling ill. It all got a bit too much and i had such a crisis of confidence.
I would never stop sewing, because it's my passion, but sewing to try and make a profit is bloody hard going. As hard as you try not to take it too personally when things are stagnant, some how you just do. Aunt Flo should here now be changed to "Aunt WTF are you doing here, get lost B'*@#"

But after that wobble you will be glad to know I'm back to my chipper little self ;) i won the battle with the bitch. Yeah, go me. I decided no more, i cannot keep on keeping myself down, in an area i would love to do well in.
So i will be ordering my business cards tomorrow, they are only from Vistaprint. But i have rearranged them to death, and i think they look lovely i am a little excited to get them in the post. I'm ordering 500 for now.

I also bought a new camera today which was only £50, i know i would love a super duper does all the works camera but it's on my list of "one day i will get one"  and until then i just got a little Olympus camera from the Argos which you will never guess what? "It's half price" ;)
I feel like these 2 little steps are moving me forward, i know it's not global domination, and i know it's not like i own my own airline, but for me i am moving on, i am taking 2 little steps down my journey. I'm hoping this path gets exciting. Wish me luck.

 Donna x


  1. Wishing adieu (sp?) to that nasty Aunt Flo and her cohorts -- and wishing you luck! BTW, I don't have a camera either; I rely on my phone's camera and by all means, it does suck! :)

    Keep sewing and keep smiling!

  2. I had an old camera which was 8 years old, and it only had 4 mega pixels. I think the camera on Sim's phone was more powerful lol. So i thought a new one with more pixels would be better, i am still working my way around, it isn't as plug and play friendly as my old one.

    I have chin pointing firmly up, with a smile on my face too Kath :)

    x x x