Wednesday, 11 July 2012

Waffle Wednesdays.

I decided i would just waffle on about every thing and any thing today. So here it goes.

Well it seems in the middle of July i have the flu. I am so cold i am sat here with tights on under my pyjamas, feet in big fluffy slippers and 2 jumpers on. I have been fighting the it all week, because there was things i needed to get done, but today it has firmly put me on the sofa all day. I did pop to the post office this morning to post a sale i had yesterday, and i must of looked like a right weirdo in my winter coat and scarf, but i am frozen to the bone.

But when i got home this was my to do list.
The Carrot cake was from Waitrose, and it was beyond yummy, i sadly ate 3 small pieces, and i seem to think another big slice may be eaten after i finish typing my blog. :) but it really is so scrumdiddlyumptious, and it has such a home made taste, that i didn't even feel guilty that i didn't bake it myself.

The plate was from Primark, and they were my best buy from there ever. The little plates came in a cute little set of 4, and even the little box they came in was super cute and best of all they were only 2 bloomin pounds. When i got them about 5 years ago, i bought 2 sets so i would have them for ages, i am now on my last 4, and feel the need to put them away just for cake eating.  
Carry on Screaming, is one of my favourite films, the one liners are just so funny, and Odd bod is one of my fav's in the film, and when Jim Dale turns into a Jekyll type monster I always laugh, it just cracks me up.

The tangled ball of threads, on top of my last piece of Laura Ashley Linen i have left, is an embroidery picture i'm working on at the moment, using Florence and the Machines "spectrum" as inspiration,  i can't wait to finish it, it's going to be so colourful. I love Flo's music it just seems to make me feel at ease with myself. I have no idea why, but it does. (nerd alert? you may be right)

And that gorgeous mug is from Laura Ashley.

This is the state of my desk, obviously being ill, i have no energy to tidy this up all at once, so i have been moving things from off it all day. I finally moved the bag off the desk, and the cushion is now in my storage box waiting to be bought, the brolly may still be there, and i moved the box to the recycle bin. Sadly there is now 3 cushion covers, and the top of a baby quilt on top of it. So it looks even worse than this photo, oops.

I made this picture this week, and I'm not sure if I'm happy with it. I think it may be a bit too busy, and the back i am still struggling with getting as neat as i want it to be. But then i do like how quirky it looks, and the charms on it are so lovely.

 OK off to eat cake, have a cocoa, and take paracetamol. I Hope your all having a wonderful Week.

Love and Stitches,
                           Donna Marie x x


  1. awwww you poor thing! Summer flu is so annoying :( i'm glad to hear that you are looking after yourself and i really hope you're feeling better soon x

    your little plates are so cute - very clever idea to buy extra!

    my desk is equally as messy and i'm not ill so don't feel bad :)

    your picture is super cute and the charms finnish it off perfectly x

  2. I hope you feel better soon. I had flu a couple months ago and it takes so long to feel completely better. Make sure you rest, even when you are tempted not to!

  3. Carry on Screaming is one of my favorites too, although Carry on Spying comes a close 2nd! Take care and get well soon.