Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Just some bits and bobs.

I am just going to have a waffle on today about sewing and fabric :) well it's 2 of the things i do best, waffling and sewing.

I love Tanya Wheelan fabrics. I would have to say she is one of my favourite fabric designers, besides Micheal Miller. Her fabrics really are so pretty, and colourful.
This bunting features 2 of her fabrics, I think they are from the Delilah range. The other fabric i found in a charity shop, i have no idea who makes it, but it went perfectly with the Tanya wheelan fabrics i already had. I love how summery the combinations of, red, pink and the pale green on the fabric looks.

 I also love this balloon print fabric, (which was from the Sale section on "Fabric rehab") up to now i have only made 1 of these bags. But i want to make another 3 before i list them. Most of the things i make are one of a kind, and i never usually make another one unless some body sees some thing they like and then ask for one the same or similar. But i think this fabric would be great as party bags so i am going to make some more and list them as multi buy on Folksy or Etsy, which i have never done before. 

This is going to be a cushion front, my sister asked me to make her a cushion for her boss as a leaving present. I only charged her for the materials, but she gave me enough money to be able to make 2 or 3 with the materials i bought, so one will be hers, and i will try and sell the others, and then hopefully make some money for my time.

                                            This is what it will look like when completed.
 This was the one i made for my sister, which she keeps in her car so every one can see it lol. Got to love my Sister she really is my best promoter.

I'm hoping to get the cushions finished by the weekend. I am having a lots of new ideas at the moment and can't wait to get sewing them.

Hope you all have a lovely week!
Love and choc chips
Donna x

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  1. the camper van cushion you made for your sister is gorgeous!! i'm not surprised she likes to show it off :)

    the idea of doing a multi buy for the balloon fabric bags seems like a good one - they would make the cutest party bags! x