Sunday, 6 May 2012

Snail Free.

Have you heard about the fantastic Snail trail by cupcakes for clara, which is being blogged and Tweeted about by lots of crafters and mums.
If you go to   you will find out all the information on how to get lots of lovely free snail goodies to down load, for rainy day projects for the kids, and the six week hols will soon be upon us and it would be good to get a head start on those rainy day projects to keep them occupied.
I have always loved Laura Clemson's work, i use to follow her blog years ago, but when the old P.c broke, i lost a list of all my favourite blogs and sadly hers too. So  I was so excited recently when i found her again on Twitter.!/cupcakes4clara

All you have to do is find a little guy like this some where on my blog, and click to receive your free Laura Clemson goodies.  

This is my little snaily contribution, i have no idea why i made a snail pin cushion, but i do have a obsession with pin cushions, i was going to embroider "Snail away" but in the end decided to go with "snail free".
 So here is Sid the green Snail, sailing upon the sea.

 I kind of rushed Sid a little, since I'm in the middle of making 2 cushions for my sister, and I'm not sure if he looks very snail like at all. But i do think he is kind of cute snailing up on the water. ;)

  I think the best thing about the snail trail is all the other crafters i found, as well as the Snaily goodies of course. There is one freebie i found that i think i will embroider for my Nieces bedroom, it was the first colouring in page, i think it would look lovely embroidered. (well thats if i ever get around to it, because i have a baby quilt to start next week even though my sisters baby is due TOMORROW argh!!) 

I kind of feel like Sid at this moment in time. I recently Started work after 14 years of ill health, at Laura Ashley, and if you use to follow my old blog you know how much i love that shop. So to me this little pin cushion is very apt.
 I feel like i am leaving my old shell behind me, and i am now sailing out for new adventures myself,  just like Sid.

Totally not snail related, but Oh deary me Today i turn 38,where did the past 8 years go? It only seems like a few years ago i turned 30, scary how time flies, hopefully it will go a little slower over the next 2 years so i can enjoy my 30's for as long as possible. ;)

Edited to add this lovely Sanil Trail fabric i found on Fabric rehab. How cute!
Love and little shells
Donna x


  1. Love the pincushion!
    Congratulations on your new job! Laura Ashley - fabric heaven!
    Happy Birthday! Hope you had a good day!

  2. Happy Birthday for yesterday!! (age is just a number :) )

    Your Sid the Snail pincushion is utterly adorable - how talented you are to have created him!

    It sounds like you are starting a new and exciting journey just like Sid! and i wish you all the very best with it. Going back to work after such a long battle with ill health is a BIG thing! Congratulations for coming out the other side of such a difficult time, i'm sure it has taken you great courage and perseverance to do so. How wonderful that you have got a job in a shop that you love! I'm sure they must value you there very much :)

    Thank you for stopping by to enter my giveaway and for leaving such lovely comments on all the blogs :)

    I am very glad i discovered your blog yesterday and look forward to reading more of your posts in the future! x

  3. Thanks you for the replies, i was alittle unsure about how Snail like he looked since My hubby said my snail was not very snail like because he wasn't brown, i replied "you don't see many snails sailing away on a yellow gingham boat either do you? so leave me Sid alone" ;)

    Donna x