Sunday, 13 May 2012

Sunday share.

So this evening i did the drawer for the winner of my give away. I took all the names out of the cup cake of love, pictured here among all this mess, In the middle window you can see the cup cake in the centre keeping the names safe. (I am trying to get on top of the desk mess again, but i am loosing the battle of the fabric clutter. ooops)


All the names were brought out of the cup cake, and put in to this drawer string bag. I shook all the names around in the bag for about 3 Min's, then i put my hand in and pulled out a name with out looking. (There was one name missing when i took this photo, so i also added the name Sarah Hughes to the bag)

This was the name that i pulled out, Free spirit, was the winner, and as i put her name on top of the quilt i am now making for my New niece Sienna, who will be one week late tomorrow, i thought how fitting of a winner, and how perfect does that little name fit in with my quilt. So i decided to name the quilt Free spirit too. :)

 This is the beginning of Sienna's quilt, which by the way i know should of probably now of finished by now. Since my sister has been pregnant for nine months, so why on earth do i start the quilt when the baby is nearly a week late i will never know. But i have been stuck on what to do, and how to begin making it. Then it all came to me tonight, so i put most of it together and took a photo. I'm glad i waited until now to start making it because it isn't the quilt i was going to make for her at the beginning of my sisters pregnancy, and i love the direction the quilt will be going.
Oh those are my knees in the bottom corners, covered in my favourite Jims jams.

I'm excited to see how, it will turn out, but i am even more excited to see my new little Niece, hopefully she will be here this week, so we can all get to see how she looks.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on the give away post, and for following the ole blog too.
I will have a another give away in 2 months, so please keep an eye out and join in again.

Hope you all had a super weekend!

Love and Peace
Donna x x x


  1. your quilt looks wonderful Donna :) perhaps the baby is waiting to pop out once its ready for her! Isn't exciting waiting for a new arrival, i'm sure your little niece will be adorable :)

    Speaking of new arrivals, i am so thrilled to have won your giveaway! I was very happy to have found your lovely blog to follow anyway, so to learn that i also get to choose one of your handmade items is super exciting!

    You will know what i've chosen by now i expect but i will keep everyone else guessing :)

    thank you Donna!

    N x

    1. I know she will be adorable, my sisters make such pretty babies <3

      Thankyou Natalie for entering the give away.
      I will post a picture of your winning item on my Saturday blog post, i love what you choose. :)

      Donna x x x

  2. Sorry I missed the give away, but twitter is beyond me, anyway:) I love your pretty embroidery, and those sweet little rubbers, where did you find them?

    crow cottage

    1. Sorry you missed the give away Liz, but keep an eye out for the one i will be having in July.
      I bought the little rubbers from "The works" i'm not sure if it is a nationwide store or just in Devon. I went in last week to see if they had any more left, but they only had racing cars and Mannequin heads. I may buy the heads and put them away for a Halloween give away, they were kind of creepy even if they weren't meant to be lol.

      Donna x