Thursday, 17 May 2012

This and that Thursday.

Today i thought i would share a photo of one of my craft drawers. At the moment it is full of pre cut triangles and lovely new bias binding to be used for bunting. There is Sid the snail pin cushion, and lots of lovely fabrics to be used to make some childrens bags, and some for my nieces quilt.

This was the give away prize packaged and wrapped up and ready to go. Which i sent off yesterday to the lovely winner .

The lovely fairy cake stamp printed on the tissue paper was from "skull and crossbuns over on Folksy, i just love her stamps.
I am going to wrap all my pin cushions like this, excluding the heart peg.
 Plus i am also recycling my birthday cards and have found a lovely way to add them to the packaging, but i forgot to take a photo of that before i sent it off.
This is my new pin cushion, i love this. My nick name was Hippy for a very long time, due to me wearing long flowery skirts, and my love of Dr Martin boots in my 20's, and the name followed me for years.

My little niece arrived 2 days ago, she weighed 8lbs 7 oz, and she is totally beautiful, perfect and such a cutie pie. I will have to ask her mummy if i can post a picture of her on my next blog.

I Hope your all having a wonderful week where ever you are in the world.

Love and peace

Donna x


  1. yay! i'm so glad your little niece arrived safely into the world :) i'm sure she will receive lots of lovely handmade things from you in years to come!

    as you know, my wonderful package from you including rainbow camper van pin cushion (which i loooooooove!) and a whole selection of lovely goodies arrived too this week - thank you so much! you have put the biggest smile on my face :) x

    i love your hippy pin cushion - what fun! i am a bit of a hippy too at heart so completely get where you're coming from with that design!

  2. Hi!
    Lots of lovely fabric in your craft drawer - I'm obsessed with fabric!!! Glad your niece has delighted you and everyone - babies are so adorable!

  3. Hi Donna

    Congratulations on your new niece! My own niece was born a month before my baby boy and I love her SO much

    I love the hippy pin cushion!

    Laura x